Matthew Pollard is the Rapid Growth Guy!

With five multi-million-dollar business success stories to his name, and a prestigious Young Achiever Award, Matthew has been characterized as a true differentiation, niche marketing, and sales systemization powerhouse.

His rapid growth ideology has led to successful market penetration in industries as vastly different as telecommunications, construction, and nationally accredited education. It has also been successful in acquiring high profile customers, such as multinational award-winning franchises, luxury automotive brands, leading medical institutions, law associations, and National Premiership Football teams.

Matthew is a recurring guest on Fox7’s Good Day Austin, as well as a featured contributor to CEO, Entrepreneur, and Top Sales World Magazine. He is also a sought after judge at many of America’s most prominent startup events including Google Start-up Weekend, AngelHack, and Microsoft’s 60 Seconds to Startup. Matthew now brings about rapid growth and business transformation around the world, through his many speaking and coaching activities as well as his top-rated iTunes podcast Better Business Coach.

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